Three Floral Jewellery Ideas To Pick For Haldi Ceremony

For all the new brides, here you will find some exclusive ideas of floral jewellery which are easy and comfortable to carry! This unique jewellery will surely add a new and innovative feel to your haldi ceremony.

  1. Nose-Pins are a part of jewellery accessory and are worn by women at ceremonies and special occasion. If you do not want to wear heavy nose-pin on your haldi, go for this trending floral nose-pin and get ready to rock your day. This floral nose pine will surely enhance your beautiful look and will make you look like a diva.
  2. Bracelets are trending jewellery on which every woman has a big crush! This cool and lightweight jewellery comes in different and amazing designs that look fabulous and give your wrists a spectacular look. So replace the simple bracelets with these floral designed bracelets to add a new Indian touch to your traditional jewellery.
  3. Earrings can be customized in various sizes and designs depending on your preference to adorn your earlobes. You can give a try to these gorgeous jhumkas on your haldi function. These handmade and customized earrings are very cool and easy to carry with your outfit and add an Indian touch to your look. It will surely give you a stunning look. So, girls take your beauty and natural look to the next level and let all family and relative’s eyes turn to you as you walk enhancing the special floral earrings.

Floral jewellery is a perfect match for all those brides-to-be who want to go with traditional jewellery but even want to try some innovate and creative look on her haldi function. Floral jewellery can be used to embellish and beautify the bride’s look. Wear the right kind of dress on them to get the perfect look. These ideas of floral jewellery will add that extra charm to your beauty.


Breathtaking Rose Gold Jewelry To Help You Stay On Trend

Vijayshree Sovani Designs online store brings forth before their female fans the stunning range of collection who loves to try something new and different look. The Rose gold Danglers is inspired by the delicacy of rose gold flower design and they are the just right match for contemporary as well as your ethnic ensemble. With a super-stylish and breathtaking rose gold jewellery collection, you shall make every head turn towards your direction.

Each piece is finely and intricately crafted in 92.5 silver and possesses fresh color of rose gold. These trendsetting jewellery pieces are elaborately designed for all age women who imagine and feel to celebrate the natural beauty every single moment.

You feel special and unique wearing such professionally designed jewellery. Vijayshree Sovani Designs provide you with the best gold-plated jewellery. So, you are sure that you are getting something that you really deserve. You almost feel the love and efforts taken by the designers to make your jewellery.

You can always rely on Vijayshree Sovani Designs exclusive collection of rose gold jewellery to add some extra flair of Indian elegance and appeal to any clothing. Today, the Bollywood female divas latest trending obsession is with rose gold jewellery and silver jhumkas. It is a fact that jhumkas style has been followed since ancient times.

Gold plated silver cutwork jhumkas from Taj collection draws its inspiration from Taj design. Go through the wonderful selection of elegantly designed rose gold jewellery and decide to order what you want from among the exotic range of jewellery listed here.

At Vijayshree Sovani Designs, you can pick from heavy designer earring to lightweight jhumki, depending for the moment you are searching for. Whether you are looking for a contemporary look or traditional look, Vijayshree’s rose gold jewellery is a must-have jewellery to complete your gorgeous look.

5 Useful Tips to Help You Learn How To Make Your Own Jewellery

Are you looking to start a new hobby for leisure time to do with your best friends or are you about to start a small business? Jewellery making can be a perfect way to accomplish your wish. You can also learn to create accessories that you can’t find in your local stores or online store.

In this post, you will find some useful resources available to you to learn how to make your own jewellery.

  1. Read About DIY Statement Jewellery

If you want to try some bold jewellery in the DIY Statement jewellery then you can follow the step by step procedures and photographs for one-of-a-kind jewellery. This jewellery guide will help you to transform your entire wardrobe – without spending money.

2. Take a Jewelry-Making Online Course

Online courses are available for jewellery making you might be interested in. You can take this online course that is a complete guide to making your own jewellery for beginners and for anyone who wants to master their wire-wrapping jewellery technique.

3. Look for Jewelry-Making Classes in Your Area

One of the easiest and perfect ways to learn how to make your own jewellery is to look for courses in your local area offering the classes you are searching for. So, you can create some floral jewellery collection for you.

4. Search on YouTube

One can search YouTube for some easy videos on how to create your own jewelry.  You can find thousands of tutorials online on everything from beading to working with wire and other tools that you will need to get started with your fun and creative ideas.

5. Read Jewelry-Making Blogs

Another easy method to accomplish your skill is to read the blogs. You can visit some most popular blogs and learn to make your own jewellery.

Everything You Need To Know About Platinum

Platinum jewellery has been given a special impression of love for special occasions like engagements, weddings, birthday parties and anniversaries.  Platinum is one of the rarest forms of metal and is considered as one of the precious metal.

Platinum is among the finest and heaviest expensive metals. The beauty and classic elegance appeal to both men and women. Platinum is an epitome of jewellery that can be worn every day.

If a piece of platinum jewel is having a mark as “Platinum” then it has at least 95% pure form of platinum. Platinum is the lustrous piece of jewel that complements diamonds and other precious stones like gems.

Platinum is also a fashion accessory that appeals to many people of modern age because of its timeless beauty and understated elegance.

Whatever you choose a ring, nose pin, bracelet or earrings, you will find the new and sophisticated pattern and designs online. Platinum is known for strength and white luster. It is admired by newly bridal couples all over the world and chooses platinum as the most preferred choice for engagement and wedding jewellery.

Platinum jewellery can be cleaned the same way you clean other fine and precious jewelllery. It is advised to use good prepackaged jewellery cleaner available in the market or you can visit the local jewellery shop to have it a professional cleaning. Platinum’s white lustrous color beautifully contrasts with yellow gold color and adds a versatile look to your outfit.

Platinum jewellery  collection can be cherished for years and passed on to the next future generations, so it is very important where you buy it. You can buy platinum jewellery from a professional jeweler someone you can trust. You can choose a retailer who has years of experience and has an established reputation in serving the customers.


How to Keep Sterling Silver Jewellery From Tarnishing

Precious jewellery like Sterling silver can be cleaned with water and then dry it with a soft cloth. But while cleaning, one should be gentle and use proper steps to keep the exotic jewellery away from tarnishing.

If you are trying to clean your Sterling silver pieces, then do so with proper care.

In this post, we will find some useful tips on taking care of those classic and beautiful Sterling silver that is prized possession to every woman’s jewellery closet.

  1. Keep Your Sterling Silver Jewellery Away From Sunlight

As we all know that exposure to sunlight can cause your precious jewellery to lose its shine and glitter quickly causing damage and scratches on its surface. So, it is good for keeping your sterling silver jewel pieces away from sunlight. Store it in a cool dry place to retain that bright and sparkling shine.

2. Store Your Sterling Silver Jewellery Away From Wood

Always keep your Sterling silver jewellery away from the wood. You should not keep it on any chemically treated surfaces. Ensure that you store it in a separate jewellery storage box to prevent any scratching and damage on the surface.

3. Store Your Sterling Silver with Chalk

It is a known fact that chalk has been used to naturally absorb moisture and other chemical residues. Try placing a piece of chalk with your jewellery box or bags to keep it away from tarnishing.

At Vijayshree Sovani Designs, you will find a variety of products with 92.5 Sterling silver jewellery.

Vijayshree’s “The Silver Thread Collection” is one among the stunning range where the quality piece of earrings meets the timeless beauty of expensive jewellery.

Go through the wonderful selection of elegantly designed jewellery and decide what you want from among the diverse range of jewellery listed here.


Top 5 Jewellery Pieces Every Bride Wants

An Indian Bridal look is incomplete without the bridal jewellery. Choosing the right type of jewellery for special moments enhances the beautiful look of the bride and complements her bridal dress. So, before you start to pick out some bridal jewellery for yourself, it would be best for you to know the little bit about them in advance.

So, are you ready to choose the dream ornaments for your big day? But, you are confused about the type and range of ornaments available in the market then, here is the list that will help you to decide which jewellery is best for you.

  1. Kundan Jewellery: The most precious of all the traditional jewelllery. It is the purest form of gold and is the highly exquisite form of 24-carat gold. Different types of expensive stones and gems are used in this type of jewellery to give it a stunning look. Wearing this type of jewellery on your wedding day will make you feel like a royal queen.
  2. Meenakari Jewellery: If you have an appreciation for bright and colorful jewellery, then you will adore meenakari jewellery. This type of jewellery collection has become quite famous all over the world, but this enameled piece of jewel is believed to be originated from the “lands of kings” state, Rajasthan. One will find designs of peacock, flower or paisley on the sets of the jeweler.
  3. Jadau: This type of jewellery is popular in Rajasthan and Gujarat. In this, various types of gems, diamond, pearl etc are studded in melted gold with Polki to form as a center stone to give it a stunning design form and beautiful look.
  4. Gold Jewellery: It is a symbol of Goddess Lakshmi and many brides-to prefer gold jewellery on their auspicious day. Jewellery like necklace, earrings, bangles, bracelets or any other wedding jewellery, it is liked by all due to its long-lasting shine.
  5. Diamonds: Every girl’s best friend. Be it earrings, bracelets, ring or necklace, diamonds go very well with all your Indian and western ensemble. They give the bride an elegant and classy look on her wedding day.

Vijayshree Sovani Designs- A Complete A to Z Jewellery Glossary

Vijayshree Sovani Designs offers you a complete A to Z jewellery glossary available in their online store. So, here we present some of the stunning jewellery collection at affordable prices.

Aqua Collection is a glorifying collection with the basic element of life i.e. water. This beautiful collection will remind you of the splendid serene landscapes full of lakes or falls, of seashores of bays and lagoons. The jewels will go with both traditional and contemporary attire.

The Blue Lotus Collection by Vijayshree Sovani Designs is a collection that takes you back to the exotic and prehistoric Egypt and is based on the theme of the motif of blue lotus that is considered so sacred to the Egyptians that it has an honor of a place in any form of their art, temples or ancient monuments.

Another trendsetting jewel is the Fountain of Life Collection. The beautiful and breath-taking collection is inspired by the lovely and leafy patterns in nature. Vijayshree Sovani Designs online store brings forth before their female followers the stunning collection who loves to try something new with the look.

The Sound of Music Collection is the season’s ultimate festive pieces, designed to glorify the ordinary ‘Ghungroo’. The jewel pieces are a fusion of traditional and contemporary forms where geometrical forms merge with the ghungroos. The small shape miniature ghungroos adorn these geometrical patterns and rock with your movement giving a majestic look.

Gold Plated Filigree Butterfly Silver Hoops from the floating petals collection of Vijayshree Sovani Designs is inspired by motifs of lovely butterflies. This unique piece of earrings is designed to make a style statement about the wearer.

So, the list is never ending of the collection by Vijayshree Sovani Designs. So, what are you waiting for? Choose from the sparkling variety and add some charm in your everyday appearance with the statement style from Vijayshree Sovani Designs- A to Z jewellery glossary.

How to have beautiful jewellery pictures

Here are some points to have beautiful jewellery pictures.

The main points to take good photography of jewellery items are sharpness and proper lighting exposure. In case you want to click good and quality pictures of gemstone jewellery, you need to create some sparkle. Sharpness and crisp focus is needed for clicking good quality pictures.

You need a camera into spot focus mode that will help you to control more exactly what the camera wants to focus on. There are many digital cameras available in the market that cannot really take specific clicks of small tiny jewellery items like stone-studded jewellery using the autofocus mode. So, you need a camera with good manual focus feature.

Another way to a beautiful and sharp image is using a tripod. If you are shooting for jewellery items, a tripod will play an important role. It is well said that tripod is many times a better option than having no tripod. So, it is advised to use a tripod for clicking silver jewellery items like earrings, nose pins, and bracelets.

Another most important key to click good jewellery photography is lighting exposure. Normally soft lighting works as a wonder for jewellery. You have probably noticed that an on-camera flash does not help to take good jewellery photos. So, it is advised to use continuous lights to visualize what the final outcome of the image will be. Usually, professional photographers prefer daylight balanced fluorescent bulbs for lighting. These bulbs offer nice and natural-colored light for long photo shoots.

Last but not the least; proper exposure is also needed for good jewellery photography. If you want to find some good and quality pictures of your favorite jewellery items, then log on to Vijayshree Sovani Designs website and find good and quality pictures with fresh and unique content.





Women Fashion and Style

Everyone try to experiment a new and fresh fashion style to look better. People especially women put a constant effort to look beautiful and the best in her style. Various styles in fashion jewellery and clothing have always gone through various changes. With the increase in the demand for innovative and creative ideas, the change in trend and fashion style has also been rapid.

Here is the list of few women’s fashion styles that we have accepted from the bottom of our hearts.

Chic Style is something being trendy and fashionable. Women’s of this type of fashion statement look smart with their stylish designs that are quite classy. If you love to dress with this type of statement, then your wardrobe tells people that you are a person with great style

Arty as the name itself describes that this type of statement appeals the creativity of the individual. This type of person usually wishes to make a style and fashion statement of their own by the clothes they have in their wardrobe. They do not follow the regular and simple traditional style instead they want to make their own fashion style. Go through the stunning range of collection of Vijayshree’s artistic jewellery. You can visit the official website of Vijayshree Sovani Designs online and choose earrings which add the extra glamour and sophistication to your look and artistic outfits.

Casual style is a fusion of simple and comfortable style. The person who loves to walk in this jewellery style is loads of fun! Casual jewellery style is all about keeping it simple and natural. Whether you are looking for a casual one, you should avoid those chunky and heavy earrings and bracelets. Instead, you can go for jewels in soft color and style. This type of person tries to keep it simple and match the jewellery with whatever elegant clothing they are going to wear. See casual fashion style jewellery for office wear on Vijayshree Sovani Designs.

What is Karat in Gold Jewellery?

The word “Karat” helps us to understand the gold content or the purity of a jewellery item. That means, higher the number associated with karat, the purer the gold is.

This post will surely help you to know the difference between 14K and 18K and will also help you to understand why karat is an important term to know.

Normally, the karat system is used to measure the quantity of pure gold found in a solid form of gold jewellery. As said above, the numbers are linked with the percentage of pure gold in a solid piece.

The range of karat values ranges from 24K to 9K. The word karat is also marked on gold-plated jewellery.  These pieces are not actual solid gold but the piece of gold jewellery has some amount of pure gold assigned through karats.

It is to be noted that if your piece of jewellery is marked with the symbol of 14KGF or 10KGF, then it is a common sign that the jewellery is gold plated or gold filled. Also, the marking with symbol 14KP does not actually mean gold plated but it stands for 14K gold plumb which is a solid gold form.

If your piece of jewellery is marked with the symbol P, then make sure to test the quality of gold.

It is advised not to depend completely on a gold hallmark symbol to understand the gold value. Some people will illegally mark plated gold items with 14K gold stamps to try and to sell for the monetary gain.

Visit Vijayshree Sovani Designs for Gold-Plated Filigree Butterfly Silver Hoops from the floating petals collection of Vijayshree Sovani Designs is inspired by motifs of lovely butterflies. This unique piece of earrings is designed to make a style statement about the wearer. These stylish and modern pieces are the dream of every woman and each and every piece has its own unique appeal.